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Reasons to consider becoming a cruise ship crew member, along with notable advantages

Updated: Mar 13

Ahoy, current and future crew members! 

From rent-free to international adventures, discover how joining this lifestyle can transform your career into an exciting voyage. 

Stay tuned for stories of triumph, insider tips, and the extraordinary lifestyle awaiting those who choose to sail.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider becoming a cruise ship crew member, along with notable advantages: 

Inclusive Accommodations: 

Advantage: No worries about rent! 

All cruise companies provide free accommodations for their crew members, offering significant savings. The cost of rent in Canada has increased dramatically in the last few years, so working on ships has become even more attractive for Canadians.

But how are these crew accommodations?

Crew accommodations on a cruise ship vary depending on the position and rank of the crew member. Generally, lower-ranking crew members may have more basic and shared living quarters, often in smaller cabins with bunk beds where there are 2-4 crew sharing the same room. 

As you move up in rank, accommodations tend to become more spacious and may include private cabins with better amenities. 

Some newer ships have single cabins with a shared bathroom amongst 2 crew members. 

Living conditions are designed to meet basic needs, but the quality can differ based on the crew member's role and level within the ship's hierarchy. 

The size of the ship and cruise line also affect the type of accommodations. 

Free Meals

Advantage: Enjoy all your meals at no extra cost! 

Cruise ships have dedicated restaurants for crew members, offering a variety of options for all tastes and dietary restrictions. 

The crew mess and staff mess onboard a cruise ship serve as dining areas, but there is a distinction in terms of the personnel they cater to. 

The crew mess is typically for lower-ranking crew members, such as those in housekeeping, bar, restaurant, or galley roles, providing basic meals in a more utilitarian setting.

On the other hand, the staff mess is for higher-ranking staff members, officers, and sometimes entertainment, casino, gift shop, guest services, and managerial staff. The staff mess often offers a more comfortable environment and may provide a wider variety of dining options. 

Some positions also have the privilege to access some of the guests’ restaurants. 

Savings on Entertainment

Advantage: depending on your position, you may have access to watch spectacular shows if you have time off. 

The crew welfare also organizes themed parties, and exciting events dedicated to the crew. 

Worldwide Travel 

Advantage: Explore incredible destinations while working! 

Cruises visit diverse ports, giving crew members the opportunity to travel and discover new places during their time off. 

Most positions work 7 days a week, 3-6 months at a time, but swim times you have time off while in port so you can go ashore and enjoy yourself. 

Professional Development 

Advantage: Invest in your professional growth. 

Many cruise companies offer training and development programs to enhance skills and advance your career. 

Multicultural Environment

Advantage: Immerse yourself in a multicultural environment. 

Meet people from various parts of the world, learn about different cultures, and broaden your global perspective. 

Health Benefits

Advantage: cruise lines are responsible for your health care while you are working onboard, providing security and peace of mind during the contract. 

If need medical assistance you can contact the medical team onboard and if needed the ship arranges for you to visit a health care provided shoreside at one of the ports of call. 

Financial Savings

Advantage: Minimize daily expenses and save money!

With most daily expenses covered, crew members have the opportunity to save a significant portion of their salaries. Be money smart and find other sources of income and invest while working at sea. 

Strong Work Community

Advantage: Become part of a close-knit community.

The camaraderie onboard fosters strong connections with fellow crew members, creating a supportive work environment. 

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How do I arrive on the ship for the first time as a crew member?:

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