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All About Us

The Start of a Marvelous Journey

In 2009 two Brazilian crew members met onboard a boutique premium cruise line. Luciana and Juliana had a lot in common, including a passion for traveling and an entrepreneurial spirit. This friendship led to lots of adventures around the world. We ended up settling down with our husbands in British Columbia, where we started our families and opened a retail candy store together. We share 45 years of experience in the hospitality industry combining educational and hands-on experience in sales, marketing, retail, shore excursions, business, and destination development. After many years of many ideas and plans, in 2023 PS Passport Stamps was launched with the purpose to inspire individuals to travel and learn about other cultures, so the world can be a more understanding home for future generations. Our mission is to help build a qualified workforce by connecting organizations with individuals with the right attitude to work in the hospitality industry. PS Passport Stamps’ vision is to be a reference as a network and mentorship organization that prepares individuals to work in the hospitality industry, giving people the opportunity to be better qualified and ready to achieve their career goals through education and practical experience. PS Passport Stamps connects cruise lines, yachts, and various other hospitality businesses with Canadian individuals with the right attitude to work in the industry. We offer staffing and recruitment services, business and Tourism development consulting, workshops, and mentorships. Through our Blog and Social Media pages, we also share travel stories and tips to inspire others to explore the world.

Jobs onboard Cruise Ships
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