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Juliana M. Schmidt

Extensive experience in strategic planning, resources management, relationship building and engagement, team management, entrepreneurship, budget planning, and execution of luxury global PR, marketing, and sales strategies. Originally from Salvador, Brazil became a world citizen excited to leverage a world of experience to inspire individuals to join the Hospitality industry.

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Luciana Vilela

Experienced and innovative Sales, Marketing, and Tourism team leader with a passion for delivering excellent customer service. A professional committed to empowering and motivating others to achieve company and personal high-performance goals, with a vast global network of contacts in the Hospitality and Retail industries. Born in Santos, Brazil, worked at sea for 12 years and has visited 120 countries before settling in beautiful Canada.

Juliana Lanzoni

With an academic background in Advertising and Marketing, she worked as a Flight Attendant for over 12 years for the largest Brazilian airlines, which led her to coordinate international groups around the USA, Europe, and Asia. Vast knowledge in Project and Events Management, Omnichannel Commercial Analysis, Customer Service, Training, Franchise Expansion, and Retail.

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