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Joao Antonio S. Filho

Cruise Sales Manager

Juliana's guidance and support were essential during my training and interview process for the Cruise Sales Manager position onboard Azamara. She possesses thorough knowledge of cruise ships and how they operate, and her kind mentoring approach really helped me develop both in terms of job-specific skills and overall self-confidence. Juliana's talent for coaching and determined attitude truly encouraged me to achieve my full potential and advance in my career, and for that I am very grateful.


Wallace Souza

Jeweler and Watch Specialist, had visit 75 countries and counting...

Luciana Vilela is a fantastic manager and someone that made my path on cruise ships so much better and enjoyable! Her guidance and mentoring allowed me to explore my full potential, develop my sales skills and achieve professional goals. After 10 ships, I had worked with Cunard QV & QM2, P&O Ventura, Oceana & Britannia, NCL Sea, Oceania Marina & Insignia, and still very excited for my next adventures! 


Felipe Alves

Duty Free Sales Specialist

Luciana had prepared and supported me in all stages of my selection process, as well as provided extremely important information to help me fulfill my dream of being able to travel and see the world. I will be always grateful! I do recommend listen to her if you wish work onboard.


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