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First Day of your new Journey

The first contract, first ship, and the anticipation of visiting different ports of call, meeting new people, and embarking on an adventure are coupled with the nervousness of starting a new job and getting acclimated to the ship's daily routine. After completing the necessary paperwork and attending an orientation session, the crew will start their training and familiarization process. They will go through safety drills, get familiarized with the ship's layout, and learn about their specific duties and responsibilities. During their free time, new crew members will often explore the ship, trying out the different amenities and activities available to them. They may find themselves enjoying a dip in the pool, playing games in the crew lounge, or simply taking in the views from the deck. Adjusting to the ship's schedule, particularly for those working in food and beverage or housekeeping, can be challenging. They will need to adapt to early mornings, long hours, and irregular schedules. The social aspect of being a crew member is also an important aspect of the first day onboard a cruise ship. Meeting new colleagues from different parts of the world and learning about their cultures and backgrounds can be an enriching experience. Lastly, as a new crew member, it's important to remember that working on a cruise ship is not just a job, but a unique lifestyle. It's about maintaining a positive attitude, being adaptable, and embracing the challenges and rewards that come with the experience. In conclusion, the first day onboard a cruise ship can be overwhelming, but it's also the beginning of an unforgettable journey. With the right mindset and approach, new crew members can navigate through the challenges and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

In this picture you will find young me in April 2007, joining my very first ship, the Island Start. I boarded in the Italian port of Civitavecchia to be a Gift Shop staff. That was the beginning of a life-changing experience.

- Luciana

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