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Why partner with PS Passport Stamps as a Canadian Crew Recruiter?

We offer professional expertise and network, with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the roles, qualifications, and certifications required for various positions on a ship. We also have an extensive network of potential candidates in Canada, including college and university grads, and experienced retail and hospitality professionals.

Canadians speak English as a first language, do not require C-1/D American Visa, and their well-known reputation for being nice goes a long way in the Hospitality industry. We connect individuals with the right attitude and background to be successful in their careers at sea.

With a combined 20 years of experience as crew members and current residents of British Columbia, Canada, our founders have access to a diverse talent pool, including candidates who may not actively be seeking employment but could be interested in the right opportunity. They can tap into their network, databases, and online platforms to reach potential candidates who possess the necessary skills and experience for the specific roles you need to fill.

You know recruitment processes can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. By outsourcing the recruitment function to a specialized recruiter in a new market, you can save valuable time and allocate your internal resources to other critical tasks. Recruiters handle the entire process, including job postings, candidate screening, interviews, and background checks, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities.

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative way to recruit Canadians.

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