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What motivate us

What motivated us to start a recruiting company was our passion for travelling. It might seem clichê, but we will take the time to tell the story today. 

After working on cruise ships for years we decided to start our lives in Canada. We knew we wanted to invest in something, and while living in a remove location in Northeast British Columbia, an opportunity was presented to us to open a candy store. We both wanted to start a family and we knew the 9-5 days and travelling 65%+ of the time for business wouldn’t fit our new lives. 

We run the candy store for six years, continued with our full time jobs and between the two of us we had 4 kids. We do love candy, but we didn’t want to work with it. We always knew what our purpose was. We are grateful for the learnings and candy involved in this experience, but finally in 2023 we decided to follow our calling. 

Our WHY is to inspire young adults to travel and learn about other cultures, so the world can be a more understanding home for future generations. 

HOW we do it is by sharing our experience around the globe, teaching hospitality, and mentoring individuals that want to work in the tourism industry. 

WHAT we do is to leverage our experience and network to recruit Canadians to work on cruise ships, place international students into co-op opportunities in Canadian hospitality businesses, and recruit students from Latin America & the Caribbean to come to Canada. 

It is all about relationship building, finding the right fit for each client and making a difference in each and every life we touch. Some may never understand, but we are proud to be motivated by passion for what we do. We want to surround ourselves with colleagues, partners, clients and individuals that share the same values. We believe in empowering people to become the best version of themselves by travelling and exploring new places and cultures. 



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Kids' birthday party

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