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Set Sail with PS Passport Stamps: Join Leading Cruise Lines for Exciting Opportunities!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Ahoy, maritime enthusiasts! 

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling career with some of the world's leading cruise lines? 

You can be the next one browsing the streets of Monte Carlo during a work day. 

In this edition of our newsletter, we're thrilled to announce fantastic job 

Opportunities with renowned companies. If you have a passion for the sea, a zest for adventure, a flair for French cuisine, or retail sales experience, we invite you to express about these exciting openings.

Current Job Openings:

1. Sommelier: If you're a wine connoisseur with an excellent palate and French wine service expertise, this role is perfect for you.

2. Pastry Cook & Baker: Create delectable French pastries and desserts that will transport passengers to the heart of France.

3. Retail Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, Jeweller & Watch Specialist: If you are a salesperson with face-to-face boutique sales experience and a passion for customer service, you can excel at various levels within our retail openings.

4. Photographer & Videographer: Capture the beauty of maritime journeys and create lasting memories for passengers. Your photography and videography skills will shine.

5. Waiter: Deliver exceptional dining experiences with a touch of elegance. Your service skills will make each meal memorable.


To embark on this exciting career, you'll need:

Experience: Previous experience in your respective field is a must. We're looking for individuals who are passionate about delivering top-quality service.

Language Skills: Proficiency in English is essential. A second language is a plus, especially if you are fluent in French, German, Japanese, and/or Italian. 

PS Passport Stamps is a recruiting company specializing in finding Canadian talents to work at sea. Follow us on Social media @pspassportstamps to learn more about life-changing career opportunities.

How to Apply:

If you are excited about a career at sea, we want to hear from you!

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and language skills to

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to set sail with renowned cruise lines, where every day is a new adventure.

PS Passport Stamps is your gateway to an unforgettable career at sea.

Join us on this remarkable voyage! 


PS Passport Stamps is a recruiting company specializing in finding Canadian talents to work at sea. 

Follow us on Social Media @pspassportstamps to learn more about life-changing career opportunities.

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Nov 30, 2023

I am looking forward to join Passport Stamps as a Waiter, thus if it will happen to have an open position for Non Canadians.Currently l am residing in the United Arab Emirates. What is needed for me to be hired?

Luciana Vilela
Luciana Vilela
Dec 01, 2023
Replying to

Hello! Please apply at the " appy here" tab at our website. We do not have current opportunities for non-Canadians, but we can keep your resume at our data base and as soon something new comes up, we will contact you. Thank you.

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