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New step on this wonderful adventure

Updated: May 29, 2023

As former cruise ship workers, we have firsthand experience of the unique challenges and rewards of working on a cruise ship. One of the challenges that many cruise ship workers face is finding reliable employment opportunities in the industry. That's why we have decided to start a new recruitment agency that specializes in connecting qualified workers with cruise ship companies.

The idea for this agency came to us after seeing many talented individuals struggle to find the right position to work in the cruise ship industry. We believe that by creating a recruitment agency focusing specifically on cruise ship employment, we can help alleviate this problem and provide a valuable service to job seekers here in Canada and cruise ship companies globally.

One of the key advantages of starting a recruitment agency for cruise ship workers is the potential for growth and expansion. The cruise ship industry is growing rapidly, with more and more people choosing to take a cruise each year, and new builds coming out every season. This means that there is a constant need for skilled and motivated workers to fill positions on these ships and potential rapid career growth.

By establishing a strong reputation for our agency and providing high-quality candidates to cruise ship companies, we can position ourselves as a go-to resource for employers and job seekers alike. Starting a new recruitment agency for cruise ship workers is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. By providing valuable service to both job seekers and cruise ship companies, we can help connect skilled workers with employment opportunities that align with their passions and interests. With a strong focus on customer service and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we believe our agency will thrive in the years to come and make a positive impact on the cruise ship industry as a whole.

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