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Does Size Matter?

The onboard life for a crew member on a small or medium cruise ship can be quite different from that of a large cruise ship. Here are some key differences: 1. Workload: On smaller ships, crew members often must multitask and perform multiple roles. This means they may have more responsibilities and duties than those on larger ships who specialize in specific areas. 2. Interactions with Passengers: On smaller ships, there tends to be a closer relationship between passengers and crew members due to the intimate environment. Crew members may have more opportunities to interact with guests and create meaningful connections. On larger ships, there are more passengers, making it difficult to build personalized relationships. 3. Amenities: Large cruise ships often have more amenities than smaller ships, such as pools, water parks, multiple restaurants, and shopping centers. Crew members on large ships may work in these areas and get to experience them during their free time. 4. Living Quarters: Crew members on small and median ships often share cabins with other crew members, while those on larger ships may have their own cabins or share with only one other person. Overall, the size of the ship can greatly affect the experience of onboard life as a crew member.

Do you believe you would prefer to work on a small or large cruise ship?

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